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Thanks for all your feedback on the polls. The extra scene voting has Yvone leading, with Beta within 4 votes. Way too close to call, although Nicole and Jessica are quite far away. Considering the amount of content those two have, not surprising. Get your votes in by the 20th!
While 6m0 won’t get far enough into Denai to have all the quests available, the voting is leaning to me focusing 6m1 on recovering Terra. 6m2 and possibly 6m3 will then focus on Samantha and Vanessa. These are estimates! This poll will last a bit longer, so vote whenever you want!

On ramping up the fetishes, it looks like dark players are very much in favor of it, so that’s going to happen. Light players would like it to a degree, but that’s far more even. So you’ll probably see a bit more fetish play on that route, but rarely extreme. This is a multi-month poll.

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